2000 “Arctic Ocean 2000” Rune Gjeldnes, Torry Larsen(N) – en

Surely an expedition to go down in history, like Nansen’s or Amundsen’s expeditions.

The two Norwegians were the first to cross the Arctic Ocean from Siberia via the North Pole to Canada unsupported. The success was made possible by the pair’s experience and year-long preparation. 2 years were needed for the development of the sledges for this expedition.

The development team consisted of two Norwegian shipbuilders (Anders Ramstad / Håvard Worren), ACAPULKA SLEDGES, and Rune and Torry.

Under the leadership of the two experienced expedition professionals, each member of the team gave his best to the development and production of the sledges and thus to the success of the expedition.

The sledges received excellent reports from the two professionals.




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