2002 Mike Horn – en

The South African, who lives in Switzerland, will attempt to cross the Arctic solo in order to then cross Siberia. At the end of this long tour he will then attempt to cross Greenland. Mike Horn has already won prizes for his adventurous tours. Mike had to abandon his trip due to medical problems. He …

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2001 “thepoles” Tom and Tina Sjögren (S)

The Swedish pair reached in january 2001 the South Pole. This was their second attempt and we are happy that they have made it . Now they are heading for their next pole, the North Pole. T`N`T are trying to reach the North Pole already in May 2002.

2001 “Iditarod Trail , 1800 km on foot through Alaska” Are Johansen, Bengt Egil Rotmo (N)

From the middle of January until the middle of March, the two Norwegians traveled 1,800 km on foot across Alaska. The tour led along the route of the famous IDITAROD RACE, the dog sled race. The aim of this tour was not just the challenge of the route but also the indescribably beautiful natural environment …

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2001 Bettina Aller (DK) – en

Bettina attempted to reach the North Pole once more. However, a polar bear put an end to this plan. All the important parts of the equipment were destroyed by the polar bear so that Bettina had to stop the expedition and be flown out.

2000 “thepoles” Tom and Tina Sjögren (S)

As the first of two successive expeditions, the two Swedes, who live in New York, attempted to ‘conquer’ the South Pole. The expedition was stopped due to back problems. The following North Pole expedition in the spring of 2001 was also cancelled.

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