2002 Ann Daniels, Pom Oliver and Caroline Hamilton (all GB)

The 3 british women have successfully attempted to ski to the northpole in spring 2002.
See the message below that has been sent by the team manager on the day they have reached the pole:
I spoke to the team at 05.50am this morning (Sunday 2nd June 2002).

Day 81

  • Status – THEY HAVE MADE IT!!!
  • Position – Lat 90 00 Long 0 to 360 – On top of the world!
  • Weather – Perfect day for arrival at the Pole – Blue sky and not a breath of wind.
  • Next – The plane is on its way and will pick them up off the ice at about 10.00am (UK time) – they will spend 6-7hrs flying back to Eureka, where they will rest and refuel before flying on to Resolute Bay. We anticipate arrival back at Resolute early tomorrow (Monday) morning.

Achievements – for the avoidance of doubt, this mornings arrival creates two new records:

  • Caroline and Ann are the first female British explorers to have trekked to the geographic North Pole as part of an ‘all female’ expedition.
  • As members of the 2000 M&G ISA Challenge Expedition to the geographic South Pole, Caroline and Ann are the first female explorers in history to have trekked to both geographic Poles as part of ‘all female’ expeditions.
  • It is very important that these facts are put over correctly, so please ensure that these two achievements are explained in full if anyone asks you and that the fact that they have always been part of ‘all female’ expeditions is fully explained.

    Unlike some other women who have gone before them, to either one or both Poles, Caroline and Ann have done this without the help of either professional guides or men;

    they themselves are professional explorers and have proved that women are the equal of men in what was once considered to be a very male dominated environment.

    The girls are intensely proud of what they have achieved and just want to show all females out there that two ordinary women really can achieve the extra-ordinary.


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